Frequently asked questions

Who is behind Secondfootballshirts?
Joakim Mogensen, Sebastian Holmquist and Johan Jensen

How fast is your delivery?
Delivery takes 1-3 days.

Who sends your packages?
GLS does! 📦

Are all the jerseys original?
Yes. We attach great importance to the fact that it is only original jerseys and no remakes or China models. (Should we get one or more fakes, it is always clearly described and a significantly lower price).

When will you receive new products?
We get new football jerseys home every single week ♻️

How should the shirts be washed?
Max 30 degrees heat, turn inside out, wash as short as possible.

Do you also buy jerseys?
Yes. We also buy your shirts. Check out the menu item: "Sell your shirt". 😎

Can you return your product and get your money back?
Of course you can! You even have a full 30 days.

Where can you follow your work?
You can do that on Instagram , Tiktok & Facebook

When did you start?
It all started on 15 July 2020 🔥