About us

Secondfootballshirts is a Danish company that sells used football shirts that can no longer be bought in stores🔥

Here you have a unique opportunity to find a shirt with your childhood idol, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. Jerseys that give you flashbacks to one of the wildest goals you've seen back in the 00s or from one of your first football matches you watched⚡

Secondfootballshirts is run by Joakim, Sebastian and Johan, where Joakim started the idea and the company on 15 July 2020. After which Sebastian and Johan became part of the journey in March 2023.
Today, the vision is to help as many people as possible find just their favorite shirt💪

Only genuine/original jerseys are sold, so here you have a unique opportunity to buy original jerseys with high security at the same time, so you avoid being cheated.

We love football shirts and Joakim himself has, among other things, all of Ronaldo's seasons in his career in his own personal collection, so we know everything about the feeling of having his favorite shirt in his room 😍

It is used, vintage, retro and sustainable. A perfect combination that we love to work with! We hope you will come along on the journey♻💚