Washing instructions

Of course, we want your shirt to last as long as possible.

That is why there are just a few good tips and tricks so that you avoid unnecessary wear and tear in the wash and are ready for a stain or two after use.

  • Wash your shirt at a maximum of 30 degrees.
  • Wash the shirt inside out.
  • Give them as short a wash as possible.
  • DO NOT put the shirt in the dryer, as it can be very hard on the glue on the print.
  • Try stain remover (vanish and other brands work well).

It is of course up to you how you handle the shirt and how it is washed, but these are the best tips we have learned from countless washes. Where, unfortunately, there have occasionally been jerseys that have broken if they were washed too hard, e.g.

We hope you will be happy with your shirt and that you take good care of it😎